November 24, 2000

It was the day after Thanksgiving when I got a call from Sherry, my friend and student. She was having a problem with a dead woman, and needed some help. Now, before you start thinking that she had just committed some dastardly crime, I need to explain that Sherry is a psychic. At times when she least expects it, her energies open up, and things (energies) come in. Unlike John Edward, she does not like talking with dead people. (Had a friend a few years back that would go to cemeteries and have chats with the spirits there. Have another one now that doesn’t even like passing them.)

The lady who had passed wanted Sherry’s help to do something, and wasn’t going to leave her alone until she did. Sherry didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know how to help this lady. When she reached the end of her rope, she called me, thinking that I might have some advice, or suggestion to help her deal with her ethereal visitor.

As I listened, she told me that her visitor was driving her crazy (almost like the scene from “Ghost”). Several things came to mind, like dropping a set of shields over Sherry. I have for a while now been able to “reach” out and manipulate energies at great distances. I knew I could shield her, but wasn’t sure if I could do it well enough to keep a spirit out.

I started asking questions like “what does she want?” Sherry told me that her visitor had died about six months beforehand, and that her husband was in pain. Here it was Thanksgiving, and he was alone, on a family holiday, a holiday that he spent with the woman he loved. Her spirit was feeling his pain, and was desperate to get some help for him. Sherry wasn’t sure what help to give him. Obviously, without astral phone numbers we couldn’t call and offer a Reiki healing. We didn’t even know where he was. He could have been anywhere in the country.

I got an idea, and tuned in on the energies, and got a fair “vision” of the man. He had shields built up around him. These shields were blocking everything. They were layers of pain, and anguish. At that moment, I had a plan. I asked Sherry to talk to her visitor, and relay my message. I figured that I could reach out, and pull the man’s shields down. I figured I needed to do it in layers as he wouldn’t be able to handle it going all at once. I was thinking that if I did that, his wife would be able to move in, and give love and comfort. Sherry told me that her visitor agreed, but warned to pull the shields down slowly.

I reached out, and touched his shields. Then I started taking them down, one or two layers at a time. I was sending calm the whole time I was doing this. When I was ready to take down the final layer, I told Sherry to inform her “guest”. She said that her guest was ready. I took down the final layer of shielding around the man. At that moment, Sherry felt her visitor leave, and go be with her husband. Sherry could feel his pain, and her love combine, then she dropped the link between herself and the spirit.

I never cease to be amazed at how things may go a long way around, but always seem to end up like they are supposed to. The spirit went to Sherry because it knew that Sherry could either help, or get help. Sherry would not have come up with the solution I did, and I really don’t know if she could have done what I did, possibly not. So to do what was necessary, she needed to call me, even though she didn’t know what needed to be done. It took the two of us with our own individual talents to help someone in pain. But, that’s how it’s supposed to work.