April 4, 2001 (part 1)

I was talking to a friend on Instant Messenger today. When I met her (online meeting that is) I told her about Reiki and all. Today she relayed this story...

Ooh...I have a story for you. My Aunt has 4 cats, and one of them got a really bad infection in her leg. The vet told my aunt that if it didn't get better with medication, she would have to be put down. The medication did nothing, the vet let the cat go home for the night, and she would be put asleep the following morning. My aunt has a friend who does Reiki for a living, and she came over and did it on the cat. She had the cat on a blanket. The next morning, the cat was up and about, jumping like normal...and everything. My aunt took the cat to the vet...the infection was completely gone...and a kidney problem she had previously, disappeared. The blanket is still on the floor, and the cat will not sleep anywhere else.

My comment was that I was not surprised.

Neither was I... but my mom is a believer now.