May 13, 2001

I will be teaching Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 next week to someone arriving from Tucson. This is starting (starting?) to get interesting. I was contacted by a lady in Tucson who will be in the state to visit her parents, and then in Jacksonville to do some adjustments to her nursing certificate. While in town, she wants to take Reiki.

Her goal is to get her masters in Sedona, Arizona. This is where all the neat energies are. I will be visiting there soon as part of my vacation. I want to go see what is there, and visit the vortexes. I didn’t know what they were until talking with this lady coming in next week. Apparently, the vortexes are two tornadoes of energy, one male, one female. Anyone can go ‘sit’ in either or both. Most people have a very spiritual experience. My wife and her sister are waiting to see what effect they have on me. The one fear of course is that nothing will happen. Of course, keeping an open mind helps.

When my student arrives, she will take Reiki 1 over two evenings, and then Reiki 2 on the weekend. Usually, I don’t like to teach classes this close together, but when I told her that, she suggested that she take Reiki 1 in Tucson, then get Reiki 2 from me. After all I have seen with how other people teach, I told her I would rather teach her both so I know she was trained properly. And it doesn’t hurt that my rates are cheap. Reiki prices in her area a pretty steep in my opinion.

After thinking about it, I suggested that she might want to take Reiki 3 while here also, even though she plans to take it in Sedona. In looking at other Reiki class information, I realized that 95% of what others teach in their Reiki classes, I teach in Reiki 1 and 2. That makes my Reiki 3 a little unique. Just on the probability that she may not get that training anywhere else, I suggested that she take this class as well. The $100 that I charge for it does not mean that much to either of us. She figured that it would probably cost her $800 to take her masters in Sedona.

I don’t like teaching classes this close, but knowing that she will probably not get the chance to get this training elsewhere, it may be a good thing for her.

When I teach Reiki 2 next week, I have a couple of Kay’s students coming over to take part and help. Since one is allergic to cats, the class will be poolside. This should be fun. I am definitely looking forward to the energies that we will have there. I figure it will be a learning experience for all of us, and a lot of fun.

I still think it is strange that I am getting students from other areas, and that they are being ‘drawn’ to me. I guess that they are being sent to me as I can teach them what they need, and they can teach me things as well. I guess that is balance. And isn’t that something we should be striving for?