February 26, 2002

Yesterday’s posting made me remember something about a doctor that I used to go to. This doctor learned Reiki, and then used it to save someone’s life.

A few years ago, I had to change doctors because our insurance changed. (In the five years I have lived here, my doctor has changed five times. I love continuity, or lack thereof.) Each time I start with a new doctor (which seems to be once a year, I schedule a physical so a) I get on the books as a patient, b) the doctor can see what I am like, and c) I can see what the doctor is like (how thorough they are). I was in the middle of my physical with Gina, the new doctor, when somewhere in our conversation Reiki came up.

Gina asked what Reiki is, and I explained it. I told her about channeling energy, and explained about scanning. She asked if I could scan her. Seeing as I was sitting on the examination table in various states of undress, I had her come over to me where I did a hand scan on her back. I told her where I felt problems, and she agreed that she did have problems there. We talked for a while more about my physical state and about Reiki. She then asked if I could scan the rest of her. I told her yes, but as she started to come over, I had her stand against the far wall where I sight scanned her. (Keep in mind that sight scanning was new to me then, and that by trying it, I was taking a big chance.) I told her that I saw places in the backs of both legs. She admitted to working out on a treadmill and that she was tight there. She also told me that I had found all of her problem places.

She asked if I could teach her, and I was too new to feel comfortable to do that, so I sent her to take class from Kay. I went along to audit, and to see what information went into each of the three levels she taught. This is where I started when I began creating my own class outline. Gina became a one-day Reiki master. Her sensing was very good, even if her training was rushed.

Not too many weeks after that, she had a patient in her office complaining about a problem (I think I t was a headache). She did every test she could (within the realm of modern medicine) to come up with a possibility of what the patient had. There were other tests that she could send him to, but she needed some justification to do so, and the tests she had done, didn’t give her that reason.

Finally, she closed and locked the door, and had her patient close his eyes. (The last thing she needed was to have a nurse walk in and see her waving her hands around in the air. While you and I may have complete faith in this stuff, the American Medical Association frowns on people they have trained, working mysticism in a medical office.) She then did a Reiki scan, and found something that all her instruments and diagnostic probing could not. On that basis, and that basis alone, she sent this person for this other test (I’m not sure whether it was cat scan or MRI). This test did find something, and that something needed to be operated on immediately.

So, a medical doctor, trained in modern medicine, saved a patient’s life based on what she had learned in a class on faith healing. Interesting, don’t you think?