November 9, 2002

I did a Reiki healing this evening, but that was where normal ended.

My client had contacted me as he had heard the 'Reiki Hands of Light' CD, and thought it was really nice. Wondering what Reiki was, he looked it up on the web and thought it might be something nice to be able to do. At the same time, he thought it would be a good idea to experience it before taking the classes, which is how we ended up with a Reiki session.

I did the standard prep stuff, and started Reiki. He was drawing a lot of energy, more than I think anyone had drawn before. I kept feeling pulled inside. Eventually, I let myself go, and was doing psychic surgery in his brain. I have no idea what I was working on, but I was there.

When I got back out, I noticed that I was feeling tired. Now, one should never feel tired as one is not using their energy at all. They are bringing it in, and through them. If one uses their own energy, they become tired and could eventually pass out. But I knew I wasn't using my energy, I was channeling it, a whole lot of it in fact.

What was happening was that I was getting hot, very hot. It is not unusual for practitioners to get warm. The energy moving through them heats them up. But there was so much energy moving through me that I was getting downright hot, to the point I was sweating. I was using my unified chakra to channel more energy than normal, and it was tremendous. I think the fact that it was late at night coupled with the heat was what was making me so tired.

At any rate, my subject loved the healing. He was bouncing off the walls pretty much. I don't know if he is going to take classes or not. I hope so. The more healers we have, the better the world will be.