September 27, 2003

We had (what I felt) was a very good workshop today, which marked a good start as it was my first time. I was a little disappointed that there were only 10 people attending, including a couple that I was hoping to see again, but it was fun. I titled the workshop 'Feeling and Using Energies' or 'Using the Force 101'.

The place that my dear friend Dee had acquired was the Unity Church in Gainesville. I was a little surprised at the size of the room. It was way bigger than I needed. I entered the room through this little 'airlock' sized room. I shielded the inner room, and filled it with love, and calming, and what I hoped was a desire to learn. I then shielded the 'airlock' and filled it with calm and love and welcoming. There were three steps up to the dais which must make a nice place to talk from for large crowds. I started to stand up there, and felt that this wasn't me. so I ended up sitting on one of the steps as I talk with the people, finding out what they were all doing there.

I started with a meditation to bring everyone to a calm, and focus them on learning and feeling. I moved them from a finger exercise up though grounding, shielding, and centering. We went over adding intentions to shields, to keep out negativity and let in good things. Next, we played blind man's bluff, or my version of it where one was blindfolded and told to walk through the room without hitting anyone.

It was really interesting watching each person move, seeing how they found each person and moved around, and sometimes into them. The first person walked right up to someone, felt someone, but didn't know the change meant someone was there, so she walked into them. From that point on, she knew what she was looking for, and changed how she did things.

One person immediately stared by moving off to the side and around the first one in front of her. It was interesting later when she found one person, then found the break between her and another person. As she walked through the opening, she felt she was close to one of them and tucked her shoulder in to keep from hitting them. We all saw that and were surprised, but it showed very good sensing abilities.

From there, we went to scanning. I taught three types of scanning from the very basic, to the very advanced. Everyone did well with this (as they did with all things).

From there, we talked about blocked charkas, and how to locate and clear them. We had people laying on the floor while their partners worked on them. I kept getting called over to see if the one looking was actually finding things correctly. Locating blocks involved putting your hands on the person and sending energy from one hand to the other through the body. If you can't feel what you're sending, there I a block. I think I surprised a few when I stood across the room and did the same thing just by pointing my fingers. (It's how I do it when I work on someone many states away.)

A question was raised about setting intent. So I talked a little about setting one's intent for oneself. This had to do with defining what one wants and sending it out to the universe (as I did in one posting not too long ago). Then I talked about intent as in setting one's mindset so they can work on another person. This is good for healers of all kinds, and is especially good for people that work with others in a healthcare environment, like a doctor, or massage therapist.

I talked for a little bit about send emotions through energy. There were a few there that work in situations where they help others. One lady was a nurse, another works with visually impaired people. Being able to send calming energy to someone that is upset is a wonderful gift.

The last thing we did was astral projection. I walked everyone through AP from meditation. They all picked out someone to visit, and took a trip. Each one will now be looking to contact those they went to see to verify if what details they brought back were correct or not. I then demonstrated AP while conscious with full intent to have them try it, but no one wanted to. I did sense a bit of fear there.

I ended the day with a closing circle, as Kay used to do at the end of her classes. It was very nice.

I had my own opinions on how things went, and I tended to be more critical. I felt there were a few things that could have gone better, but for the most part, I kept them interested and focused.

The comments from the class afterwards were wonderful. Most felt that it was the calmest they had been in a long time. It seems I gave them all a lot to think about. Most wanted to know when I'd be back. Cool. There is much more to teach even if I go strictly with the things Kay taught in her psychic development classes.

I had planned on doing up to three massages at Dee's place, but it didn't get announced until the end so no one was able to make it.

All in all, this was a very good start. It could have been better financially, but that will come in time. I feel this was a real good beginning.