August 10, 2004

Well I think I’m finally decided on continuing education. I’m looking at Lomi Lomi and Myofascial. Neat stuff.

At the end of September, I’ll be traveling to Plantation, FL to take Lomi Lomi, a Hawaiian massage style. One of the things that this does for the therapist (according to Alice, who teaches the classes) is to cut down on the use of the fingers. I know that I have been using my fingers a lot, and that it is starting to bother me. A couple years ago, when I was doing massage at the school and the psychic fairs, I had a similar problem. I managed to change something so that I was not hurting myself as I worked. I don’t remember what that trick was, and I can’t find what I need to change. Lomi Lomi will help me do that. It makes use of the heals of the hands, forearm, and elbows, and reduces the use of the fingers. It can be taken to the point that if one just uses the proper pressure in the proper places, it can be done without oil at all. Levels one and two are being taught in September, and level three in November. I don’t know if I will be going to level three this soon, or at all until I see what the first class is like.

In February, I will be taking Myofascial massage in Sedona, AZ. Sedona is such a neat area in the first place that just being there will be neat. Sedona is home to five vortexes. The plan is that my friend, Carolyn, will be coming out from Seattle to take the class with me. She is the one that taught me basic massage in the first place.

The teacher for this is John Barnes who (if I have this right) is the person that developed it. It is mostly energy work, though there is a good deal of actual movements involved. He teaches other things in his classes, like learning to determine some of the things wrong with a person simply by looking at them. (I do something like this, but I have my eyes closed. J ) The lady who taught some of this at school told us that he has the class undress to their underwear so that we can look at each one, and see how they line up, stand, and anything that comes from posture. With this, one can see how straight the spine is. By looking at the way the feet point, one can determine hip and knee rotation. A lot can be learned from just looking at someone and how they stand. (I look at energy, and get called to problem areas. If I can add this to what I do, it will increase what I know at first glance. I was told that some day I’ll be able to look at someone and know what their problems are. This may be part of it.)

So, I am looking forward to getting out and learning new stuff. Anything to extend my range would be great.