Deep Tissue Massage

One of the most requested styles of massage is Deep Tissue. It almost seems that everyone wants very deep work on their muscles, but that is not what they want at all. Most people just want to feel their massage. The best place to start is to define Deep Tissue massage.

When muscles become very tight and stiff, they need lots of pressure to get them to loosen up and stretch. Deep Tissue is that added pressure that gets way down into the belly of the muscle to get it to relax. Many times this can be painful depending on how deep the therapist goes, but all too often, that is what is required for someone to feel better.

So the key is that Deep Tissue is not a style in its own, but added pressure into many regular styles like Swedish. With most styles, the pressure can be varied to fit the comfort of the client. When the pressure goes to a certain depth, and problem areas are worked on, this becomes Deep Tissue work.

The pressure for Deep Tissue work can be achieved in many ways. Sometimes the therapist will have strong hands, and can achieve more pressure simply by squeezing harder. Other times, they will throw their body weight into it. This is true for styles like Lomi Lomi where deep compressions actually become Deep Tissue work. The key is to add enough pressure to work out tight and aching muscles.

When most people call and ask about massage, they usually ask if one does Deep Tissue work. But that is not what they are really looking for. Usually, most people just want to feel their massage. They don’t like light touch which is commonly referred to as ‘fluff and buff’. They simply want enough pressure to feel that they are being worked on. You see, pressure can be varied during a massage, and it is up to the client to tell the therapist how much pressure feels right. The client is always in control. Now, if a therapist does not listen, or can not get the pressure wanted, then that therapist (no matter how good they may be) is not right for that client.

Deep Tissue work comes in when someone has knots or tight muscles and they need that worked out. Pressure can be applied with the hands, forearms or elbows (the latter being not all that pleasant). Many times, the client may hurt more when they leave the massage studio, but feel much, much better later. It can take time for Deep Tissue work to take affect.

So, next time you want a massage, and are thinking about Deep Tissue, remember what it truly is. Maybe you just want more pressure. But if this is what you want, it can be incorporated in several styles. Just pick what you want, and let the therapist work.