Integrative Massage

Caring Palms does a lot of different styles of massage, and clients will come in requesting one specific style or another. People will come in wanting something specific, like Temple Lomi Lomi, or Myofascial Release. But now when someone does not know what they want, or has nothing specific in mind, they get an Integrated massage, so named because it integrates pieces from several styles into one session.

A ‘standard’ integrated massage usually incorporates movements from two version of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Swedish. But depending on the need, it could involve Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue work, or Trigger Point therapy. Reiki can also be added to most massage sessions which improves the healing.

Although not as intuitive as a freeform massage session, an integrative session mixes moves to create a routine to match the needs of the client. It can be relaxing, or awakening, but it will always be what is needed.