Trigger Point Therapy

A trigger point is a very sore spot located in a tight muscle. Not only is it sore at its location, it also refers (causes) pain in a predictable pattern to other areas. When one comes to Caring Palms with chronic (ongoing) pain that nothing seems to relieve, we will usually suspect trigger points.

Remember the story of the princess and the pea? Well, think of the mattresses as muscle fibers and the pea as the trigger point. Yes, it’s usually that small and yes, it can cause that much discomfort. Because of their small size, we rely on your feedback as to whether something hurts, how much, and does it hurt anywhere else.

Once we’ve located a trigger point, we will try different techniques to get rid of it. The most common is to apply pressure to the point just within your pain tolerance level until it releases. Another way to do this is to alternate pressure with massage. A third method requires spraying the area with a freezing agent and stretching the muscle. Whichever methods are used, you will almost always find relief.

Although the process of relieving the problem sounds painful, when you compare it to living with pain everyday, you may find it isn’t that bad. In fact, a surprising number of people actually fall asleep while being treated. The relief can be that great. That being said, don’t expect miracles. It took you years to get this way; it’s going to take time to undo. Some problems will go away immediately, but others will take a few sessions. If you suffer from chronic pain, think about trigger point therapy as a means to relieve that pain, and get you feeling good again.