Caring Palms T-Shirts For Sale

Caring Palms has been thinking along the line of t-shirts for a while now, and had produced one which was sold elsewhere. What we wanted to do is to accentuate the work we do, as well as what we teach others. While some shirts we are designing are simply fun, others have a deeper meaning. This set of shirts are for fun.

All shirts are created by Brian Dean and sold through (Teespring accepts credit cards and Paypal.) Shirts are available for and will sent to printing withing three days of the time the order was placed. And while these are shown on a black shirt, MANY COLORS are available for each style.

Shirts Available


The weirdness in me honors and respects the weirdness in you

This is a take on the Hindu greeting, Namaste... the presence in me honors the presence in you.