June 3, 2001

Some last thoughts on spirits... Some people think that it is neat to have a ghost in their house, as long as it is benevolent. A friend has a ghost living in her house. This ghost, Mrs. Washburn, is the wife of the previous owner. Most nights, Mrs. Washburn can be heard walking up the steps to the second floor. That seems to be all she does. My friend has stopped getting out of bed and checking. She is secure knowing that it is the spirit.

My friend also has two children, and although they each have a bedroom, they have been sleeping in one because the youngest is afraid to sleep in her own room. It is also colder in that room.

What I say from this point out is what I have been taught, and I have come to believe...

One of these things is that children retain a lot of the information from previous lives. They are also more open and can more readily see and feel things that we generally can not. (It is actually now that we take classes that open our perceptions so we can be sensitive to these things.) If your child talks about something under their bed, it may really be there. These sensitivities generally go away around the age of eight. As my friend’s daughter is now this age, she has started sleeping in her room.

One thing is very clear, the dead don’t belong here. They should be on the other side. An earthbound spirit is here for one of (what could be) many reasons. The key is that they need to go to the light, to go home (to Heaven if you will).

The spirit must be convinced to go to the light, some times helped. My teacher does things like this all the time. She calls it de-ghosting. Most of the time, the ghost goes away. Having never seen Kay do this, I had to ask Barb what she saw her do the last time Barb was with her. She felt out the place, put down salt, then went into a meditation where she ‘talked’ with it. She convinced it to move on to where it belongs.

One thing that I had Deb do, that Kay told me, was to put down more salt. Sometimes, one can draw the ghost back to them. Having Deb put down more salt makes her do something to keep the ghost away, and makes her have a conscious effort to keep it away. This way she won’t draw it back.

Enough. I am getting tired of ghost stories. Barb had told me that she felt I might be doing more of this. Dunno. I guess whatever is meant to be, is to be. So be it.