June 4, 2001

Here we go again. I certainly was not expecting anything like this, at least not anytime soon, but it happened again, only this time it was long distance.

I was talking with Candice through Instant Messenger, when I pointed her to my journal to read the May 29th and 30th’s postings. After doing that, she started asking me what I had just done to her. Not knowing what she was talking about, I told her nothing, at least not consciously.

She said that she had suddenly gotten spooked by something. It was like she got a rush of energy coming right at her. It frightened her. Now, I have been up to give her a hug before, and she recognizes my energy, but she knew this was not me once she thought about it.

She asked me if I could tell if there was something in the place. I wasn’t real sure, and told her so. I was going to go up some time later, when it happened again. She told me she felt like she was being followed.

The first thing I did was to ‘reach’ up, shield her, and clean the place. She felt a little better when I took her shields down, but not enough. I had he go put salt down in all the corners, including in the closets. I blasted the place one more time with the same results. Then it came at her again. She could tell it was in the kitchen to her right. At that point, I decided that I needed to go up right then. (Keep in mind, she lives in Rhode Island.)

I astral projected up, and looked around the place. I saw some male figure there. (This was definitely not Candice.) I slowly approached the figure, and I stopped. I realized that if I needed to communicate with him (and it was definitely a him), I needed to set myself up for channeling. I brought in the three rays that allow channeling. I brought in the gold (for spirit communication), the silver (for spirit travel), and the blue (for my communication) rays into the top of my head and let them intertwine as they went in.

I tried talking to this ‘person’. Suddenly, he lunged for Candice. I threw shields around her before he could get there. I went over to him, and tried talking to him again. There was communication between us, yet very little of it was verbal. The next thing I knew, he had entered into my energy, and was trying to ride it back to me. I stopped him almost immediately. I was very surprised that I didn’t panic, and that the thought of stopping him, did. (Something like this happened years ago, when I was working with Carolyn for the first time. We held hands to move energy, and she started sucking me dry. I half panicked, and thought ‘stop’. And it did. Fairly new to energy, this surprised me.) I then turned around and spit him back out of my energy stream (rather roughly).

At that moment, I wanted to go throw him into the light, but I realized very fast that anger would solve nothing. I sent him love. I listened. I passed words and feelings. I received impressions. He was scared. He was very scared. He was afraid to go to the light. I told him to go to the light, and in doing so, opened a beam for him to travel on. He was afraid to go to it.

I carefully went over to him, and placed my hands on him. I sent love. To this, he responded. I calmed. I finally got him to get up, and walk with me toward the light. He was still afraid, but I managed to bring him to the edge. He didn’t want to go in. I made it clear that his time had passed, and the things of this earth were not for him. I explained that this was now Candice’s place, not his. (This all happened in seconds, and without words, thoughts only.)

I held his hand, and walked into the light. He followed after a second. The last I saw was him rising up, being pulled by beings of light (angels if you will). I came back out of the light and ended my projection. Back to typing with Candice, she told me that it felt better. I cleaned the place again, then filled it with love and calm. Some of the things she told me that she picked up from her visitor were pretty interesting. (She got a lot more info than I did.)

...that feeling was about 10 times worse the first few nights here, like it really didn't want me here, and I had the most horrible nightmares... it was a male around 31-33 I thin... dark hair... green eyes... I would get I guess what you could call visions... or impressions of his appearance... blue button down shirt...

Wow. Bad thing is that I sat there thinking... I can’t believe I did that. I certainly did not consider myself ready to do something like this, and I still don’t. This was all a total surprise. I really wasn’t going to do anything, but when she came across scared, I knew I had to try something. I really need to talk with Kay about this. She can tell me what I might have done better. She may tell me I went about it the wrong way altogether, and just got lucky. I’m just glad it worked out for the best.

Hopefully this is the last time I will be talking about ghosts and spirits for a long time.