March 31, 2001

Taught Reiki 1 today. I had received an e-mail inquiring about classes last weekend, that had been sent about 30 minutes before I had turned on my computer. Since there was a phone number, I called the person that sent it. I really surprised the send as he thought a half hour was great response time on an e-mail.

At any rate, this lead to today's class. Tim was my only student, and we had a good time. He is a massage therapist and a counselor. The energy work made a lot of sense to him as an addition to what he already does, either counseling or body work. He said that when he does bodywork (and he has been away from it for a while), he felt that he was very mechanical. This actually goes back to something I had mentioned in the February 17th posting about energy usage and massage. Now with Reiki 1 and the ability to channel energies (plus a few tips) Tim and I feel that his bodywork will become much better, more spiritual.

Something that happened during the session surprised both of us, yet I had seen it before. I just am not sure what (if anything) it means. Normally, if I have an even number of students, they get to work on each other giving and getting a Reiki healing. Since I only had one student, I didn't want him to walk away not having had a healing, so I gave him one so he could feel what it is like to receive a healing, and as demonstration for what he was about to do. While I was doing this, he told me he kept seeing colors, mostly green. Now, I have seen this happen before, but never did know what it means (and still don't). I just find it interesting. When it came time for Tim to give a healing, I let him work on my wife (as working on the instructor seems to make students nervous). (I can actually tell better how they are doing if they work on me, but if they get nervous, then they lose focus, and lose flow, so it is better to let them work on someone else.) Shirley said that while he worked she kept seeing all the colors of the spectrum. Wow.

I find it interesting how students find me, and why. I have had many come across my name on the web, and instantly know that I was the one to teach them. Realistically, I do the same thing, using my intuition to know if someone is right for me. I have a student coming down at the end of April for classes. He lives in Pennsylvania. He'll be in the Bahamas to change condos at the end of the month, and will be flying to Jacksonville to take Reiki 1 and 2. He was semi attuned by someone else, but never taught. What he has done, has been through practice and book learning. He has been able to channel the energy, including distant Reiki. This does not surprise me as I learned to channel the energies before I ever took a class or had an attunement. Since he was channeling distant Reiki, I decided to give him both classes. This will work nicely as I have one Reiki 1 student that wants to take Reiki 2, and my student that I taught today may be coming to that class as well. The largest number of paying students I have had for Reiki 2 so far has been two, and I usually need to find someone to help.

I just find it funny when I consider the geography involved for this student to take classes from me. He lives about 900 to 1,000 miles away, yet could not find a practitioner in his area. He will be in the Bahamas which is a six hour drive from here (counting the 50 miles across the ocean that you can't drive). It just all seems so incredible.