May 20, 2001

I taught Reiki 1 the other night. My student came from Tucson, Arizona. Keenya was in town to see her parents, and take more classes on her nursing certification. As it turned out, she is a very strong empath. She avoids things like movie openings, crowds of any kind, etc. She was looking to Reiki to help keep things from attaching themselves to her when she works with patients. This is something that as practitioners, we know can happen, and that we need to work to protect ourselves from.

As usual, I taught the basic energy exercises first. The shielding exercise alone should help her immensely. Next we covered self healing. Afterwards, since I had no helper, I did a Reiki healing on her, then she did one on me. It was very interesting. As I worked on her, there were times that she shuddered, and shook violently. I didn’t know what was causing that at the time (though I am the only other person that I‘ve seen react that way), but after thinking on it for quite a while, I figured her energies were out of balance. Reiki, on its own will work on that, but there are other things one can do to balance someone’s energies.

The other thing that happened is that she got ill the next day. Now, I think two things had a factor in that. The first was her energies being out of balance. That coupled with the possibility that she had been complaining about a sore throat which could be an indicator that she was coming down with something anyway. One thing that can happen when one gats a Reiki healing, is that if someone has an illness, the healing energy may not get rid of the illness immediately, but it may make the illness suddenly hit full strength, then go away quickly. A good example would be someone that just came down with a cold. A Reiki healing might not make the cold go away, but it will make the cold come on real fast, then disappear in less time than it usually take for it to go away.

The other thing that may have played a factor is that Keenya had heard (as have all too many Reiki students) that one gets sick after receiving an attunement. This is the third time I have heard this, and it is utter felgercarb. If one believes that they will get sick after getting attuned, they will. If one believes they will get sick after seeing a sad movie, they will (at least if they truly believe it enough). And the trick with a Reiki attunement is that it is unknown, at least for those that have never had one before. If they have heard the story about getting sick, they will probably believe it, and it will happen.

When I was doing Reiki on her, she had her eyes closed. She told me that she could see me, and that I was bathed in rainbow light. Wow. Never expected anything like that. At one point,, I switched to Lamphere energy, and asked her to look again. She told me that I was bathed in bright purple.

When she worked on me, her energy was astounding. The amount of Reiki that she was channeling was tremendous. I was so totally relaxed and energized, I started to zone out at one point. When I got up off the table, I was floating.

Unfortunately, when Saturday came around and it was time for Reiki 2, I had not student, and no helpers. Keenya’s classes had gone long, and they had scheduled a class for that day. She called during her lunch break to let me know. I also hadn’t heard form the two people that promised to come be helpers. I guess this class was not meant to be.