May 29, 2001

Tonight started out to be a nice calm exercise in balancing energies. Now it seems I am in need of a ghostbuster. Deb, my friend and student just moved into a new apartment this past weekend. She had asked me to come balance the energies after she had moved.

For some reason, when I gave any thought to doing this (what should be a simple task), I saw myself taking extraordinary means to get the job done. I kept seeing different pictures, having questions come up. Some, I wasn’t prepared to go through.

I guess the best place to start is the beginning. I left work late, and had to rush because a graduation was letting out next door. Needless to say, by the time I got to Deb’s place, I was not in the calmest frame of mind. I settled down in the middle of the floor, and we talked for a bit. I could feel pressure around me. My head was pulsating, and my heart racing. I thought this was from my rush to get there. I asked Deb to talk me down into a light meditative state.

As I laid on the floor and closed my eyes, I felt like someone was picking me up and spinning me around. I felt like I was being pushed to the door. I reached the calm state, and just settled, and felt for a bit. I was calmer than I had been in some time. I could still feel the push to the door. Deb was sitting in the direction it was coming from, so I asked her to move. Nothing changed.

I got up, closed my eyes, and turned circles until I could locate the direction of the strongest energy source. (As I turn slow circles, I will feel my eyelids vibrate when I am pointing toward the strong energy. The more energy, the more vibration.) It was coming from the laundry room. We went outside, and I walked around the place and did the same test. I figure I was doing some kind of sensory triangulation. The strongest source was the laundry room.

From the outside, I created a cleansing bomb (I like to refer to it as the holy hand grenade). I tossed it inside, and it seemed to mostly bounce off the walls and come back at us. (I prefer to be outside when I do these as the resounding energy is like an atomic blast of cleansing. I seem to do them best when I throw them some distance, like several states away, or across the ocean.) I created another bomb, but before tossing it, I poked a large hole through the energy barrier surrounding the building. This one went inside. It did a great job cleaning, but didn’t remove that one spot.

We went back inside, and I was able to locate it specifically. I touched it. It just felt like touching someone’s shields. Like touching a wall of energy. Deb touched it and asked it who it was. It refused to tell her. I had initially been thinking it could just be energy left over from someone or something. When Deb told me that it wouldn’t tell her who it was, that put a whole new perspective on things.

I was thinking about how I should next approach it. I half remembered a ‘rights of passage’ ceremony to move spirits on to the other side, but was not completely sure if I could do it. At one point I had astral projected outside of myself just to get a better look at it. All I saw was energy, but that may be completely normal. I was thinking where to go next when my cell phone rang. It was my wife calling to tell me that a rock had hit the windshield on the way home, and the crack was getting bigger as she drove.

I sat down in the middle of the room, and held hands with Deb, and filled the apartment with energies. I started with calming, then added love, and finally brought in the white light for protection. Then I left to deal with car problems. Before I walked out the door, I looked toward the ‘entity’ and told it that if it had anything to do with the car, I was really going to be ticked off when I came back.

Not having any experience at removing ghosts from places, I called my teacher, Kaimora, in Maine. She is the only ghostbuster I know. She felt that this was an entity, not a ghost. As best I can understand it, a ghost is an earthbound spirit, stuck here. An entity is a spirit that can go where it wants, but is drawn to a place by something, something they want, or lost, or feel they need. Her advice was to sprinkle a little salt in each corner of each room, and tell the entity to go to the light. Apparently, saying this creates the beam of light for the entity (spirit) to travel on. Also, some chemical in salt reacts with spirits so they can’t stay around. The salt actually forces them away. It is an all round cleansing agent.

Now if this doesn’t work, the next step is to go into trance and talk with the spirit. One needs to find out why it is there, and convince it to move on. Not sure if this is channeling or not. Not sure I’m quite ready for this or not.

We are going on vacation soon, and part of that will be a two day stop in Sedona, Arizona, where all the energy vortices are. My wife felt that I might be better ready to handle this after coming back from there. She just feels that I will come back with a whole new outlook on things. I hope she is right. I really want to feel that change. I am just not sure this will wait till then.

One thing I do know, it did not want me there. Deb could feel it pushing her toward the door. When she was between it and the entity, it was the most strongest. She said it felt like it was saying “go in peace, but just go.”

Well if I get through this (and yes, I will), you can expect to see another posting on the results. Here’s hoping the salt works. Kay will be down next week for about 10 days, and might be able to come clear the place if we can’t do so before hand.

Maybe I should be sending postcards, “Having a hauntingly great time, wish you were here.” What can I say but... Who you gonna call??