November 16, 2001

Today was the first of two magical days. Today's story started with an e-mail to a radio station last Friday.

I was listening to the radio during my drive to work (WEJZ, Lite 96.1) when Beverly Barrett, the woman member of the morning team read a poem. This poem had to do with believing in yourself, feeling that you can make a difference. I liked the poem, and felt it would be a nice thing to add to my web site (look under Affirmations and Similar Things on the front page). Since the team has their own e-mail address, I wrote and asked for a copy. I have done this twice before with the other members of the morning team. When I didn't hear all the details on a news story, I wrote Jim Byard, and got a prompt answer. When I had to go into work when Arthur Crofton was about to read a special story, I wrote him, and got the story e-mailed to me.

When I send out to places like this, I send from my Reiki site as it is the easiest to send from while at work. And when I send from my site, I always have a link back to there at the bottom of the message. At any rate, I sent to Bev, and asked for the text of the poem. She sent it to me later that morning. The next morning, I got another e-mail from her, from her personal e-mail address. She told me in the message that she had followed the link to my site and looked it over.
Wow. Neat.

Apparently, she has a friend in Atlanta that she sees not nearly enough, that is a natural hands on healer. When they would get together, her friend would balance her chakras. In the e-mail, she told me that she wanted to get with me so I could do that for her. Cool.

Through a couple of days of e-mails and instant messages, we set up a time for Friday (today). I had been looking forward to this all week. I really liked the idea of starting out the weekend on a very positive note, doing a healing.

This afternoon, I got an instant message (IM) from Bev, telling me that she was feeling bad. It seems she suffers from TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint disorder). Hearing of this before, yet not knowing what it was, I looked it up on the web (look under any search engine for TMJ for details). It is a disease that is pretty much a mystery. The name seems to be pretty well known, but that is about all. The cause of this is unknown. It is suspected to be from stress, and that causes someone to grind their teeth. Now, when you think about the name, temporo - mandibular joint disorder. Temporo, as in temporal lobe of the brain, or the temples. Mandibular, as in mandible, or jawbone. This deals with the joint where the jawbone connects to the rest of the skull at the temples (and who said I wasn't learning anything in anatomy and physiology classes). There are a lot of nerves that run though this joint including those that run down through the spine to the rest of the body. This can cause pain, usually through the face, but it can become back pain and more. (Unfortunately, it reminds me of the old joke... You ask someone "Does your face hurt? No? Well, it's killing me.")

Bev was about to take some medication and was concerned that she wouldn't be clear headed enough to drive over to the house later. I was of course feeling a little disappointed as I was really looking forward to doing a healing. I thought for a second, and asked if I could try to do something from where I was. She said yes.

I reached out with one hand, then both. I tried to pull the bad energy out one side of her head while pushing good energy in the other. I worked this way for a bit then when I felt I had done what I wanted, I stopped and asked how she was. She told me that her whole head had hurt, but now, only half her head did. She told me I was amazing. My comment was (and what I truly believe) is that I have gifts, that I am allowed to use.

I then asked her if She would let me try again, and she told me to go ahead. I tried the same thing, thinking that I might be able to get the rest of the bad energy. I worked this for a couple minutes and realized it wasn't working, so I told her that it was being stubborn and that I was going to Plan B (keep in mind we are typing this).

I AP'd (astral projected) over to her and worked from the outside, then switched to psychic surgery and worked from the inside. I did this for a little then came back and asked how she was doing. She said that I had gotten rid of a little more, but it was still there. She figured that she was stuck with it.

We talked a little, then I asked if she had time to give me one more try. She told me to go ahead. I looked up and asked for her to be healed. I then AP'd back over, went in to do psychic surgery, and then tapped into a new energy source. I was channeling a huge amount of energy into me, through to the projection, and then into Bev. I shot this energy into her jaw, then her head, then her body. While I was outside of her, I saw the energy causing her pain being created in the front right lobe of her brain. It actually reminded me of what I saw when I went to work on a friend having a seizure. I doubt this would be of interest to medical science. Very interesting indeed. The amount of energy coming through was making my physical body shake.

Finally I felt that I could do no more, so I closed the tap, sent my thanks, and recalled the projection. I asked how she was. She told me that it was almost all gone. She was very surprised.

She told me later that she laid down for a nap for a couple hours, and that when she got up, she was completely well, and that she had taken no medication. Wow. I think this whole thing surprised both of us. (Initially she had been concerned as she had an appearance the next day, and had to be able to talk. She was going to take medications so that she could fend off the problem so she could do what was needed.)

When she arrived this evening, I put her on the table and scanned her. I could still see areas around her jaw that registered as problem spots. I managed to find all her problem areas with sight scan. (Normally, this is impressive, but I don't think I could ever do anything that looked impressive compared to what had happened this afternoon.)

As I usually do, I checked for blocked chakras. She had three. I actually find it kind of interesting that a broadcaster would have a blocked throat chakra (communication). On the other hand, a blocked throat chakra could be a sign, and partial cause of something like TMJ. Somehow that all makes sense.

I did a Reiki healing on the front side, then added some crystals as I worked on the back side. She drew a lot of energy. Her head and her jaw were the areas that pulled the most.

Bev felt wonderful after the session. She said that she definitely wants to come back for more, and that there is someone else at the station that would be wanting a healing. Also Bev mentioned learning other things that I can teach. As I have always said, the more healers there are, the more healing would be available for everyone. I hope she does decide to learn what I can teach.