October 13, 2001

I taught Reiki 3 today. This makes the second time in two months I have pronounced someone Reiki Master. Usually, I teach Reiki 1 a lot, and many of them go on to Reiki 2. It is not that often that someone has the time or desire to go onto Reiki 3.

Deb started taking Reiki over a year ago. Through the desire to continue, and dealing with the lack of time, and the feeling that she was ready (or waiting until she felt she was ready), she finally reached her goal. Now, she is asking when I will finally get my act together and be ready to teach Reiki 4. Unfortunately, I doubt I will be ready to do that until after I finish massage school in May.

The energy during class was wonderful. She went through the advanced energy, the Reiki/Polarity positions, and then learned about attunements.

An amazing thing happened when she received her attunement. I have heard of magical things happening during attunements, and had a few students tell me of wild colors and wonderful feelings, but nothing like I saw today.

Deb always reacts physically to energy going through her. (I guess it must be her way.) As I stepped away from her after completing the attunement, I watched as the last of the energy worked through her. Suddenly her feet lifted up and moved. They planted themselves back on the floor, but facing a different direction. She told me that something like this had happened a few times before. She said the times it had happened, it meant that she was starting down a new path.

Hmmm. Now isn't that a nice thought as one completes their Reiki mastership?

Congratulations Deb. May light and love guide you on your new path.