April 5, 2007

I had a client today that was particularly interesting in how she reacted to energies.

When she made the appointment a couple weeks ago, we had talked quite a bit about her energies and what she had had done in the past. She used to see a Reiki master somewhat regularly before moving down to this area. He used to not only do Reiki on her, but he would do other things like unblocking chakras and such. It has been a while since she had a session and she told me that she felt unbalanced.

When she came in, I scanned her and told her where her problems were. Next, I looked at her (with my eyes open) and assessed her structure, stance, and alignment. We discussed many things from energy to massage as possible things that could help her. Deciding to go with the initial desire for Reiki, I had her get on the table where I did some other scanning.

I looked at her and got a feel for where her chakras were. Now this may sound silly as we know the locations of the chakras never change, but they can sort of drift out to the sides a little, or not be functioning at full capacity due to some issues. I felt that when I looked down the line of her chakras, it was like looking at a zigzag line instead of a straight line.

My first task was to do a chakra balancing. In this, I work on each chakra individually to put it where it should be, spinning in the proper direction (clockwise). Now, I don’t know how others might accomplish this (I know some use crystals), but I go in and surround the chakra with energy, and slowly coax it back to center. As a visualization, I see a round ball moving back and forth around a hole that it is meant to be in (I’m sure we’ve all played games similar to this when we were kids). Then, when it slides into the hole, it is in place. This is when I start it spinning in the proper direction. Once it is in place, and spinning, I see it light up brightly with its proper color.

Now, initially, I had a lot of trouble with her third eye (insight) and her center (emotional) chakras. The third eye was difficult to get in and spinning, but once it was, it seemed ok. The emotional one was a different story. She had told me that she had recently lost a friend to some illness, and it was taking up a lot of her thought processes. I had just about gotten her emotional chakra where it needed to be when she told me this. At that moment, it jumped away from me and went way off center.

I thought for a moment and then had my client focus on a blank surface with a dot in it. I figured that by focusing on one thing, I could keep her mind of other emotional issues. It worked enough for me to finally get that chakra where it should be and spinning properly. Then I had to go up and work on her third eye again. Once they were both in place again, they stayed.

After that, I was able to do a regular Reiki session with a few exceptions. At one point, I was directed to pass the energy directly into her third eye and heart. Some correlation there had to be made, and was.

About a quarter of the way through the session, I was reminded of crystals. I looked around the room and asked “Who wants to play?” I was drawn to a blue lace agate, a clear quartz, an amethyst, one of the multi-crystal rocks (these last three being specific healing stones), and the rose quartz pyramid. The blue stone wanted to be over her heart chakra, the clear quartz between her ankles, the amethyst in her left hand, the healing rock by her head, and the rose quartz pyramid under the table centered under her heart chakra. With these in place, I continued the session.

When we were done, she told me that she felt wonderful, and that this is something she had been missing for some time. I’m just glad I could help.