February 25, 2007

I did a massage session today that by the time I was done, had opened the eyes of my client to insight that she had not thought possible.

I booked a session for today for this lady’s husband.  She had told me that he was stressed and needed work.  When the appointment arrived, the lady had come in instead.  They had decided that she needed the work more than he did.

We talked for a bit, then I scanned her as I do with all my clients.  She was very surprised that I could find her problems. This prompted a lot of questions that lasted through the session.

It seems that my client is an empath.  She has always been feeling things that she was afraid to tell other people about because she was afraid they would think her crazy.  She had had feelings that things were going to happen, and felt things that she didn’t believe she was feeling.  It wasn’t until talking to me, and seeing what I do that she realized these things were not figments of her imagination. 

I told her about some of the things I do, and she told me how similar things have happened to her.  We talked about energies and how they carry emotions, insight, and other things.  We talked about vortex energy and Sedona (where she wanted to visit just because she had heard about it).  

She was so ecstatic because she had never found anyone she could talk to about these things before.  She couldn’t believe that I didn’t seem as excited about it as she was.  I had to make her understand that this is what I do, open people’s awareness of energy and what it can do.  For me, this is a normal occurrence. 

But it was fun, because it totally blew her away.