January 8, 2007

Inventions are amazing things.  You might look at something and wonder where people come up with the ideas that they do.  Well, I have a theory based on an invention that I had an idea for many years before it actually was invented.

I was dreaming in my fantasy world where I have a jet aircraft about the size of a car.  It holds up to six passengers and takes off vertically.  In my dream, I was trying to land in my underground base, but it was so foggy that I couldn’t see anything.  Even the camera on the bottom of the craft couldn’t see the lights from the open base doors because the fog was thicker than it had ever been.  So I relied upon something we had invented.  My craft coordinated with satellites we had put in orbit, and by marking the positions of each one, it knew exactly where it was.  So by using this connection, I was able to know where I was and be lined up with the doors, and successfully land my craft. 

Nowadays, that technology is known as GPS, the Global Positioning System and is used in everything form cars to military weapons to handheld devices to cell phones.  Keep in mind that I had not read about something like this in any book, nor heard about it anywhere else.  At that moment, I had come up with the idea for GPS.  Or more precisely, I was given the idea for it.  Now, being 17, and in high school, I didn’t run right out and invent the bloody thing.  Someone else did that.  But, how did they think of it?

I have been told that spirits will pass ides on to people, but not necessarily one person.  They will pass it on to several.  Eventually, one of those people will make it happen.  Spirits decide that it is time for us to have an idea, and make some step (and this step could be large or small).  So they pass it to certain people and see which actually makes it to fruition.

My mediumship teacher told me a story of one of her clients.  Spirits gave her an idea one night, and she actually created whatever it was they gave her an idea for.  When my teacher gave that person another reading, the spirit pushed the person to get it patented.  They wanted this person to get moving because this idea had not only been given to her.  It had been given to several people, and whomever got to the patent office first would be the one that would make money on the thing. 

Hearing this, I know that I was given an idea for the GPS system.  I simply did not have the resources or technical knowledge to create it.  This is not a bad thing.  It was simply how I was raised and what drive I had.  But someone else was able to come up with it.  And I as well as many people use it on a daily basis. 

So I guess the next time you come up with an idea out of the blue, or out of a dream, think about it.  You are being given the key to the next great invention.