June 2, 2007

This has been a long time coming, but I taught my first Couples Massage class today for money.

When I first developed the class, I got my next door neighbors to come in and be my guinea pigs.  They gave me great feedback, and a good sense of what it would take to actually teach it. 

That paid off today with a couple that had tried doing massage on each other, but just felt that they didn’t have the know how of strokes and such to really be of any good to each other.  They went searching on the internet, and found I was the only one in town that offered classes (not that this surprises me). 

They felt really good about the materials I had for them and how the class was covered.  They enjoyed learning a professional routine that they could use on each other.  It was fun showing them the different strokes and letting them see what was possible.  They learned real well, and enjoyed doing the work.

Afterwards, I went back over the routine as it is on paper (I put the entire routine on paper in their ‘manuals’ so they would have something to remind them of how and what they did).  I showed them each of the moves I taught them, and reminded them how they did each one.  I think this will be a big help in helping them remember what they did, and how they can move forward with this. 

Their comments were very welcome. They said that it was a great class and they liked learning the strokes.  They also said that they both felt very comfortable, and it was done very professionally.  Nice.  This is what I was going for when I designed it, so I’m glad it came over that way.