March 12, 2007

Ok, let’s talk energies.  What can you do with them, and what can they do for you?  What prompted these questions is a video I watched (which is from a book) that everyone seems to be putting down.  It’s called The Secret.

Through the years I have learned that there is energy available for lots of different things.  We can use it to heal, to calm, to strengthen.  We can even move our consciousness out of our body because that is energy.  When we boil it all down, we are energy existing in a physical body. 

But what we might not be aware of is that we can shape our environment around us with energy.  Now, you may be scoffing at this, but it is true.  Think about it for a minute.  Our attitude determines whether things are good or bad.  Or does it?  Maybe it simply determines how we perceive if things are good or bad. 

Surely we’ve seen where two people do the same job, and they each have a different opinion about what they do.  One person can perceive it as hard, and that their work life is a living hell.  The other person can see it as time well spent earning a salary.  Their perceptions make something good or bad.  Now if that first person can see things differently, then they too could perceive their job as a good thing.

We have been told for years that our outlook controls our lives.  What we haven’t been told is that our outlook controls energies around us putting us in certain vibrations.  We know that emotions are energies and that their vibrations can spread, making like vibrations around them.  This is how someone can get caught up in emotions of an angry crowd.  This is how a football coach can rally his team to victory.  He says some words and backs them up with confidence and emotion, which then spreads through the team.

What The Secret tries to tell us is that we all have vibrations, and just like magnetism, like vibrations attract.  It says that we can get the things we want by changing our vibrations to align with what we desire.  Now on one hand it sounds simple, but it isn’t.  On the other hand, it sounds silly, but it isn’t that either. 

The Secret professes three simple rules, Desire (to want something, and this can be a material object or something insubstantial like a better job, or better relationship), Believe (that it can happen, but the belief must be true and long lasting), and Allow (yourself to have it).  Now, The Secret is not the only thing saying this.  It is just the only thing being jumped on from everyone from Bill Maher to Deepak Chopra.  The Book “Ask and it is Given” gives us the same formula with maybe different words. 

The basic idea is that we give ourselves something we desire, a goal if you will.  This can be a material thing like a new car, or something like peace, or a loving relationship.  What we then have to do is change our vibrations to match what we want.  If what we want is a new car, we want to visualize having that car, owning it, driving it.  That creates positive vibrations to bring what you want closer.  But every negative thought pushes it away.  Every time our current car breaks down, and we complain about ‘this piece of junk we have to drive’, that changes the vibrations so that they match what we have instead of what we want.  (There used to be a joke about receiving ‘Attaboys’.  When you did something really wonderful, you received so many Attaboys.  When you accumulated so many and achieved certain levels, you could do various things like tell management where they were wrong.  But the catch was that one ‘Awshit’ cancelled all Attaboys.  The same is true here, the more time you spend complaining about what you have, the more you keep your vibrations to what you have instead of what you want.)

Now, it is very hard to be positive, and stay positive, and not let negativity in.  That is what is so difficult, and why many people look at it as a fake magic formula that won’t work because people will get frustrated long before the results can happen.  That actually is the main complaint about it.  But let’s be real.  In the simplistic message that The Secret has is that by wanting something, you will get it.  But that isn’t true either.  You see, by wanting, you are setting up the vibrations of wanting but not having.  You have to create the feeling of having to make it work.  Unfortunately that is the part that is hard, and that is where people get frustrated.

The critics look at it as a pseudo magic formula to get things, items.  In truth, you can use it to get anything from a car to a better job, to a better relationship. 

As an energy worker, I know how energies flow and connect to other energies.  As I work, I notice how I get drawn to certain things, and take them for granted that I am being guided to do something specific to help the person I am working on.  I will get an image in my mind, or I will be drawn to something.  A word might also come to mind.  Also, I might be drawn to something to learn that will be important.  This is how I work, I just allow myself to notice things, and go with them. 

Something I have said for years is you draw to you what you fear, or what you take your time concentrating on.  If you are constantly afraid of something, you tend to make that something happen because your fear creates these energies that affect other energies, and in turn make this thing manifest.  Why can’t it work in reverse?  Why can’t the opposite be true?  If thinking about bad things can make bad things happen, then why can’t thinking about good things make good things happen?

The same is true for things you want.  Let’s stay with physical things for a moment, and say you want e new car.  Maybe part of the problem is that you can’t afford one.  Maybe while browsing through the newspaper, something catches your eye, and you are drawn to it.  Maybe this is an opportunity to earn extra money, or a chance to learn something that will allow you to advance in your job.  By following that, and letting yourself move along that route, you will eventually have enough money to pay for that new car. 

Have you ever been drawn to something out of the blue, and that something was the exact right thing for you?  This could have been while job hunting, or shopping, or looking at classes, or just about any situation.  Maybe it was simply deciding to drive down this row of cars in the crowded parking lot to see a space open up for you.  What made you go down that row?  Just a hunch?  Intuition? 

The energies behind The Secret and other methods that say the same thing work the same way.  The universe is subtle.  You’re not going to get something just by wishing.  The universe is not a magic lamp.  Instead, you will notice things that will make a difference, and advance you to getting what you want as long as you allow yourself to follow them. 

I was drawn to becoming a massage therapist.  I visualized myself doing this.  Next I was drawn to a certain school, and methods of studying.  Something popped into my head about sending energies to the location where I would be taking the test.  Eventually, I reached my goal.  And although I went through a lot to get it, but it was because I noticed certain things, and followed them that got me there.  I was open to seeing them.

One of the hardest concepts is to allow yourself to receive what you want.  All too often, we might think in our subconscious that we are not worthy of having what we want.  This could be lack of faith in ourselves and abilities, or simply feeling that we can be nothing more than we are.  It is a hard concept to get around, but it is often true.

The people who criticize The Secret do not understand how energies work, and they are ignoring the basic principles that have been coming out in the last 20 or 30 years.  There have been self help courses around for decades.  Some of them were a bit like brain washing, but others were presented in a more realistic sense.

Back in the 70s, there was something called EST created by Werner Erhard.  It was a way of thinking that gave one a positive attitude, and played down the negative things.  As I understand, the presentation tried to brain wash you into believing what they said.  (They would lock their students in a room for the presentation and wouldn’t let them out to use the bathroom except at specific breaks.)  What I saw from the people that took it, they tended to down play negative things and say that they didn’t matter.  It was when these things became prominent that they mattered, and by that time, it was an issue to panic about.

Although I didn’t think much of this, and wouldn’t take this training even when my company offered to pay for it, it laid some of the basics for the foundations used by other methods that came along later.  One of these things was “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”.  It basically taught someone how to think positively, and not to worry over problems.  They considered these problems ‘small stuff’.  By not worrying, you were able to look at them objectively which helped a great deal in solving them.  When you advanced to a point, you realized that everything was small stuff. 

But critics blast The Secret.  I was surprised that Deepak Chopra, a person that writes positive and uplifting things would be one of those critics.  What is so different between The Secret and The Power of Positive Thinking?  The Power of Positive Thinking tells you things like believing in yourself, a peaceful mind generates power, how to have constant energy, prayer power (which is an energy in itself), and creating your own happiness.  Doesn’t that say that by being positive, you can create a better reality, or simply see your reality as better?   And are those two things different? 

How many times have I gone to the mall at Christmas time with all the negative energy going around, and not been bothered by it?  How many times have I passed positive energy to someone in a smile or a kind word, and seen a change in their attitude?  I know I’ve written about it enough times.  Why is this so different? 

There is an old saying… What we believe, we can achieve.  If that is true, then by truly believing, we can change our reality, and make happen the things we want. 

I know a doctor that has been using these principles.  He expects to have his own practice in three years.  He follows these principles as he meditates (and that may be a key too, or at least a method of helping yourself get where you want to be).  I know a physical therapist who does the same thing, and doors have just kept opening for her. 

I guess the key is that if you understand this, you can make The Secret, or the ideas behind it work for you.  If you’re looking for a magic lamp, then it just ain’t gonna happen. 

Think positively.  Be positive.  It may be hard.  But it may not, and the more you do it, the easier it can get.  Everything happens for a reason.  If you can accept that, and instead of seeing what doors are closing, allow yourself to see which ones are opening, then you will take the positive steps. 

Be positive.  It may take work, but it can come.  Be positive it will.