May 10, 2007

I was asked by someone to send white light to a particular situation.  Looking back, I find it interesting that they asked me to send it to the situation, and not to specific people.  But as it turned out, that was the correct focus.

For a while now, this person’s husband has been working for a particular company that was trying to get itself out of trouble.  He had done this for another company, but with too many antagonists there (showing where cuts need to be made and such does not make friends), the company decided that he was the problem, and let him go.  Since then, he has been with his current company trying to do the high stress work that will eventually pull this company out of the hole. 

Every now and then, I am asked to send some type of healing energy to her husband to help him through difficult moments.  Usually, I send white light as I can get to it very quickly and can make a broader definition to where it is going.  (I usually send it to a place and time, or send it to cover him for a certain period.)  Usually, when I send the energy, after a couple of moments of sending, I get the feeling that enough has been sent.  This time turned out very differently.

I looked to my deity, and started receiving, and then passing on white light.  I expected it to end in the same amount of time, but for some reason, it just kept coming.  I was sending to a situation, not a person.  The other thing was that I had received the request after the fact, and was looping the energy back into time to cover the situation from start to finish. 

The energy just kept coming. 

Finally, it stopped, and I severed the connection.

I knew the basics of the situation, but not all the ramifications.  This person’s husband was going through a particularly difficult time.  He had enlisted the aid of someone that used to work at that place and gotten help to unravel many of the accounting problems.  The person that helped has AIDS. 

He was a tremendous help in straightening things out, but was not doing well.  The stress of going back into the place and doing work was very bad.  At some time, he took a bunch of pills and passed out.  Someone found him and rushed him to the hospital where he later died. 

Finding all this out after the fact made a lot of sense.  I had thought that the energy went to the situation of the husband and the person helping him to complete their tasks, but the situation changed.  By sending the energy to the situation, it was open to interpretation as to what it needed to do.  In this case, the energy went to the helper, and assisted him in passing to the other side. 

I know now why it just kept on coming.  He needed it to cross over.  It was his ‘vehicle’ to get where he needed to go. 

So by sending to the situation, and not defining (or even fully knowing) what the situation was, someone got what they needed because the energy went where it was needed most.