May 25, 2007

Well, I just finished my first full mod (module) at school.  I hope it was what was needed.

Finally, four weeks has passed, and my three remaining students have passed their tests. 

I had told them that I would let them go home early, but that we would go over the final exam before I gave them their grades.  I’m not supposed to let them go too early.  In reality, they need to be there at least two hours to be counted present.

I went out to the bathroom, and when I came back, the room was empty.  The skeleton (McCoy) was facing me, thumbing its nose at me.  Nice.  There is a small room at the end of the classroom, and I heard giggling coming from it.  They thought they would put one over on me, and it was amusing.

It was even more amusing when they tried to get out as the door locked behind them and they could not leave.  J  So, the laugh ended up on them.

They all passed, and move on the Chinese medicine mod.  (Since there is a Chinese medicine mod next month, they want me to come in and talk to all of the classes about Reiki.  Cool.) 

I’m hoping the next month goes a bit smoother.  As this was my first time, I kept finding problems to deal with.  Next time, I might be a little more prepared.  At least I hope so.