November 8, 2007

Having a large class has a lot more problems than having a small class.  Trying to get everyone taught on the massage routine when some are out on various nights is especially hard.  Trying to keep everyone up to date with book work is easier.  Trying to deal with 10 different personalities is fun, but here’s a new one… having a student faint in the middle of class.

My class was in the middle of their massage routine, and I was walking around seeing what each person was doing.  As I got to one table, the student that was giving the massage was just standing there.  When I asked what was wrong , she told me that the room was starting to get dark. 

Suddenly, she started to collapse.  Thankfully, I was close enough to catch her just as she started to fall.  I set her down, still vertical, on her knees.  She was still somewhat conscious and could talk to me.  Slowly, I eased her back until she was lying down, and one of the other students straightened out her legs. 

As I sat with her, I started flooding her with energy.  I had my hands on her shoulders, then one on her stomach and the other on her head, and then one over her heart.  I just kept pouring energy into her.  I feel it was because of this that she stayed conscious. 

I have found that when someone has low blood sugar issues, even hypoglycemia, flooding them with energy can hold off that attack and help them stay conscious and able to function.  This is something I have had to do with a friend of mine a few times.  Although I did not know my student was dealing with a low blood sugar situation, that was my first guess (or maybe gut feeling would be a proper term). 

She was starting to have trouble feeling with her hands.  I thought of having someone dial out to 911, but I also knew that she did not have any health insurance.  So I waited to see if the energy helped. 

Finally, she was able to see again, at least for the most part, and was able to feel and talk.  I helped her up on an empty massage table and let her lay there.  I found a piece of candy in my bag and gave that to her.  One of the students got a cup of water for her.  She called her husband who managed to get a ride to the school with a friend as she was not well enough to drive home. 

She was able to walk out when class was over.  It was an interesting evening, and it seems that energy saved the day, again.