September 25, 2007

I finally had a night off and got to go to Mediumship class tonight.  We each brought a picture of someone that has passed over.  Those went into envelopes and then randomly paired up.  From those we did readings without opening the envelopes.

I was paired with a lady who had trouble identifying much about the picture I had brought.  Keep in mind that she could not see the picture as it was sealed in the envelope.  She wrote things down (as I did), but most of what she got could have been for someone else.  This sometimes happens.  We found that three people in the room got spirits for one particular person, not necessarily the one they were paired with. 

When I opened up to the energies, I started seeing things immediately.  I started having trouble breathing, so I figured that the spirit I was talking with had breathing problems.  As soon as I wrote that down, my breathing problems went away.  I immediately heard emphysema.  As it turned out, this person did die from emphysema. 

When I asked what her relationship was with the person I was paired with, I heard mother, then mother’s sister.  I thought that it was my subject’s aunt, but it was her mother.  There was a whole list of things I had gotten, but was terribly unsure of.  As I talked some of them became clearer. 

In the end, I was accurate to about 90%.  I’ll take that any day, though I would like to be better.  That will come with practice.