September 27, 2007

I had a client in today for a Reiki session.  That’s where things started, but they definitely took a sharp left.

When I started channeling the energy, it was working fine.  Then she started feeling pain in her neck.  I did a massage hold that took care of that, then went back to the energy. 

Next, she was having a problem with her legs.  I ended up moving to the legs and doing a little massage and energy work there until the problem went away. 

What was happening was that she was reacting to whatever I did, each thing showing up somewhere else.  Since the body is connected, pressing one place can cause issues in another.  This is what we learn with Myofascial Release (find the pain, find the cause elsewhere). 

With every move I did, something somewhere else reacted.  At one point she had a problem with her shoulder.  I did some stretching on her should and used some pressure point moves that I had never used before.  I was reacting to her needs and being intuitive about what to do with each problem. 

It was a really crazy session.  At the same time, this is what a healer should be doing.  They should be open to the needs of their client and changing to what will work best wherever it is needed. 

It may have been a crazy session, but in a way, it was an exciting one.  I was doing exactly what needed to be done, feeling each move out intuitively, just like I’m supposed to do.  It was neat.