April 14, 2008

I gave a talk at Heritage Institute today on energy and Reiki. One of the things I had the students do was to feel each others energy fields. As usual, I got the response I usually get… It’s just their body heat.

I get this response al the time from people that do not believe in energies. Usually, I don’t have a response for it. earlier today, I had a thought occur to me out of the blue (which means that someone gave me an idea to prove what I was saying). So, for once, I was prepared to change this person’s mind.

I had two people get up in front of the class. One of them stood there while the other closed their eyes and reached out with their hand. As they felt the other person’s energies, they stopped and looked at where their hand was, which was about eight inches away from their ‘victim’.

I had this person take their hand back and close their eyes again. I quietly had the other person move away. then I told the person with their eyes closed to reach out again. They again found a stopping point which she felt was her subject’s energies. When she opened her eyes, no one was there.

I had moved her subject away so they were not there anymore, and could not have her energies felt. What did next was to project a wall of energy in front of the person with their eyes closed. She felt this energy even though no one was there. This proved to everyone that she was not feeling body heat.