April 15, 2008

It was dream time again last night, or should I say today? I was not feeling well, so I stayed home from the shop today. While laying on the couch (wich I was sharing with my dog, Bebe, and my cat Isis), I had a strange dream.

I was laying on my side in a weird position. My head had slumped to the left because I was not down on the pillow. I remember being in some garage or barn or some such structure. I looked at the two cars that were there, and they were our cars. They were sitting very close together, so I got in and moved one of them. The strange thing was that these were both cars that we no longer owned. One of them had been traded in many years ago, and the other had been traded in a few months ago before it died. I remember moving the one that I had gotten rid of recently and thinking that this was so much different from the new car.

When I had gotten out of the car, I saw my Mom. We talked for a bit, but I don’t remember anything that was said. At one point, my dog Corky came by for me to pet him. (Corky moved on about seven years ago.) I was happy to see him, though at the moment, it didn’t make sense to me that something was out of place. It all seemed normal.

While we were talking, my cat, Mandy, came by and rubbed against my legs. Mandy had been with us for 21 years before she passed some five years ago. At that moment that she had rubbed against me, I started to wake up. The movement against my legs was actually my dog Bebe adjusting her position on the couch.

As I woke up, I realized that it had been a dream, and thought it had been a nice visit from Mom and a couple of my pets that I have not seen in several years. I also realized that I had been sleeping in a very strange position, and because of the tip of my head, the blood had been cut off to part of my head, and my left ear was numb. Now, I have on all too many occasions woken up with a limb numb. This is the first time I have had a numb ear. (And no comments out there about having a numb head.)

Now I know that there are main arteries taking blood to and from the brain that go through that area. For me to be laying as I was, I must have been pressing on one of them. I suspect that my cat from the other side, made this dog on this side move so I would wake up and change position (and yes, this cat and this dog were alive together at one point).

Of course, I could just write it off to coincidence, but, nah. I have learned too often that there is no such thing.