April 24, 2008

My mediumship teacher was up today to give me another class. As always, it was interesting.

She brought along a friend, and we both did readings on each other. When she started the reading, she seemed to get conflicting signals. As always, my teacher was monitoring things, getting feedback from her guides, telling her to push us, or if we're getting it right. While my reader was getting one signal, my teacher was getting another.

My reader was getting a 'Mom' feeling from the spirit that was talking to her. But she was getting a feeling that she passed some five years ago. My mother passed about nine years ago, so this could not be her. Suddenly, I thought that the spirit she was talking with might be Kay, my Reiki and psychic development teacher. but, the information was not completely correct for her either.

When my teacher tuned in, she felt that the person that was coming through was Kay, yet my reader was definitely getting things associated with Mom. It took a while, but we finally figured it out. My reader was getting Mom, but she was also getting Kay, and some of the information got crossed. My teacher was getting Kay. You see, Kay died of cancer. My teacher recently beat cancer through holistic treatments. People who passed of cancer come to her a lot. As it turned out, my reader was correct on the time frame, but not for Mom. Kay passed five years and two months ago. It was actually nice of both of them to pop in and say hi.

Now when it was my turn to read, it was like turning on a switch. As soon as I was told to start, I had a picture of a person in my mind. I didn't tune in, turn on, or anything. It was just there.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly this happens. I was shown images, given relationships, pointed to information. My biggest problem was being able to talk without saying 'uhh' too much. My teacher kept giving me phases to use in situations like this. Things like "as I tune into the spirits for better clarity" or "as I receive information from spirit, I am being told that" are always good. Of course it kept coming out like "as I receive information from spirit, I am being told that I say uhh too much."

But the information I got was valid. I still keep having trouble on the message part, almost like I have a mental block about it. I seem to get the validation part fine. I can see and describe images thus proving that I am truly talking to the person I say I am. It's just that when it comes to 'hearing' the message to pass on, I tend to not be too clear. Of course, that is why I practice... to get better.

As I said, these classes are always fun and interesting.