August 12, 2008

I talked with a friend today that I have not talked with in a long time. John had just been to a mediumship workshop in the Orlando area, and through spirit, was convinced he needed to call me.

During the seminar, they had a class on Automatic Drawing. Now, I have done Automatic Writing, but never drawing. It is the same principle, just a little different outcome.

Automatic Writing is where you open yourself to spirit, and allow the spirit to take control of your arm to write (in this case draw) whatever spirit wants to write. Some times what is written is a message, sometimes more. Many people have published books that were written this way. I have had a couple classes with Kay where she had us do this, but I was never able to release control of my body enough for the spirit to move it.

John said that he was surprised that he was able to let spirit in enough to actually create a drawing. It may not have been great, but not all spirits are Monets or Rembrandts. Sometimes, they’re not even Picassos.

When they finished, one of the other students took their picture over to John and told him that the person he drew was a teacher, and that he had something to teach John. My friend took one look at the picture and exclaimed “Oh my God. It’s Brian.” He said it was not a good likeness, but he did recognize me. (At least my foot wasn’t sticking out of my ear or anything.)

When my mediumship teacher looked at it, she had trouble seeing the likeness. But some of the other students were from up here, and those that knew me immediately said that it was me. Wow.

Now, neither of us know what I am supposed to teach, but we feel there is something. John has taken all the Reiki classes, so I am not sure what we are looking for. I guess the key is to trust spirit to show us what it is at the appropriate time.


Below is the picture. It is more a caricature than a good drawing. but then again, maybe I'm a caricature.