August 22, 2008

Today, we rode out the storm. Tropical storm Fay passed our way. It dumped lots of rain and heavy winds in the area. While that was happening, I kept reinforcing the protections around the house.

I always worry when we have storms. You see, we have an aluminum screened enclosure around our pool. This enclosure is attached to the back of our house. Winds of 80mph would be enough to rip it away from the house and send it flying. The questions that would be asked next is how much of the house would go with it? So, in help of this, I set up protections which were suggested by my teacher many years ago. I, of course, added to them.

I took a copper pipe and cut it into four 2-foot pieces. I actually did this with two pipes so I would have eight pieces. Four of the pieces of pipe went into the ground at the four corners of the house (actually, the front two corners of the house and the back two corners of the pool enclosure). The other four went into the ground at the four corners of the property.

After they were in place, I connected them energetically. I visualized walls connecting the four at the house and rising to create a rough pyramid shape. I then did the same thing with the ones at the corners of the yard. This I did years ago. There was one time several years ago when we had some powerful wind storm come up. My next door neighbor described it as sounding like a tornado. I was not home and did not see anything until after the fact.

What I saw was a good amount of damage and debris through the neighborhood, nothing catastrophic thankfully. But when I saw our place, it was real funny. It was like something powerful had gone by and did damage, but jumped over our house. We lost a couple screens on the pool enclosure from stuff flying, but that was all.

During tropical storm Fay, I again reinforced these protections, but I kept having trouble with the ones at the very corners of the property. That was when I realized that the back two were gone. The city has been working in the canal behind the house and dug away the last 15 feet of the yard. (We’re supposed to get it back, but right now it is not there.) When they did that, my two 'anchors' went away. So, I reached out and created anchors our of energy that I tied to the earth for energy. I then recreated the outer pyramid to protect the property. And guess what… it held. Cool huh?

For details on how to set the original protections, see the post on September 19, 2003.