January 9, 2008

Last night was a dream, actually a series of dreams. As most dreams do, they come with the alarm clock’s tone and the swatting of the snooze button. Each time this was done, I went back into the dream.

I was dreaming about this person looking at this list of things (and I really don’t know what these things were). He would look at them and know that certain ones were wrong. But it was not knowing that they were wrong, it was like he was deciding that they were wrong. And being decided they these items were wrong, they were wrong. It was like they were not wrong, and suddenly this decision made them wrong. And once they were wrong, they could not be right unless this person ‘decided’ that they were right.

This went through several rounds until I was at some indoor public place, like a mall, but not a mall. A friend and I went on some type of ride there, and then sat someplace overlooking the ride and a stage. There was this fantastic piano player on stage. Something flashed that I knew this piano player was going to die sometime soon, like tonight. At the same time, I remember going to see a doctor and being told that I was going to die ‘tonight’. Now, this did not stress me, or cause me fear. It simply was.

In another go round of these sequences, I somehow knew that this piano player was the person that could decide that things were right or wrong. In a way it was saying that he had the ability to make things happen simply by what he decided. In yet another sequence, I was this piano player. At the last (before I forced my way out of bed), I remember having to decide that I would live. I had to tell myself that I would not die.

Ok, confusing and disjointed… yes… and no. What I think the message was (and yes there does seem to be a message in here), was that we make up our own reality, and have the ability to change it simply by deciding to.

How many times have we come across things that say how we perceive things is more important than the things themselves? A lot. Here is just one more. We can create our own reality. We just have to believe and perceive.