January 29, 2008

I worked on my youngest client today, a 2 1/2 year old girl.

He mother had told me that she had various problems. When I scanned her, I was drawn to her blood. Her mother confirmed that she is anemic.

I started Reiki, but she did not want it. (Being a child, I’m sure she could feel every bit of energy I was sending. She didn’t want it. she kept using that word that all children learn very early… ‘no’.

Since Grandma came along for a massage, I worked on her while my young client’s mother took her out to the park next door to see the birds. When they returned an hour later, the child was not asleep (as we had hoped), but was much more cooperative. (When one works with children, one is pretty much at their mercy, nit the other way around.)

As I started doing Reiki, she drew tremendous amounts of energy. After a bit, the amount she was pulling dropped to a small fraction of what it had been (we’re talking a small child after all). But since it was still going in, I continued to send.

After a while, I stopped. My little client was much more active. Getting that much energy, I’m not surprised.

It was a neat experience.