March 16, 2008

I had a cancellation today that was weird. No, it wasn’t weird that I had a cancellation, but weird how it happened.

I got a call last night from someone that wanted to schedule an appointment for a Reiki session. Having lots of things to do today (most of which having nothing to do with the business) I scheduled her for 9:30am. This meant that I needed to get up early for a weekend day.

About 15 minutes before her appointment as I was just getting ready to leave the house to meet her, she called and cancelled. I asked if she would like to reschedule. She replied “I’m sorry. I can’t.” It came across as if she had been ‘found out’, like she had been caught.

Now, I have had people that have called to see about massage, but when they found there was no female therapist told me that they could not come in because their husband would not let them get massage by a male. This was sort of the same thing, but not quite. I got the feeling that she was grasping at straws, and willing to try Reiki. I also got the feeling that someone had found out and told her that she was being silly, or some such.

It never fails to amaze me about the lack of education and acceptance of people about a lot of things. oh well. Such is life.