May 19, 2008

Classes continued today with a 12 hour marathon class. It may have been a long day, but it was a very good day of practice, and I got some feedback I didn’t expect.

We were shown a lot of things today in movement and other things. We worked the body while the client was face up, and then we worked the back of the body just doing long strokes while the client was face down. This was to prepare us to put it all together tomorrow.

At one point, I was working on one of the other students, doing what I was doing on the instructor last night, only this time we were working with oils and our subject was not dressed. The instructor came by and watched for a moment or two. She commented that it looked wonderful, and that it had felt wonderful last night. Cool. I don’t usually expect comments like this at seminars.

Later in the day, she told me that I was very intuitive. Cool.

It is one thing to hear what my clients say about the work I do. I have one client who says that I am the best she has ever seen, and she has gotten massage in lots of places around the world. I have another who tells me similar things. of course, I take all this with a grain or salt, or is it a ton of salt. It’s one of those cases where if I believed all my press, I would think I was a bloody miracle worker... and miracles are not part of my bailiwick.

But to hear nice comments like this from someone that has been doing what she does for over 24 years, it does mean a lot to me. And I am grateful that she said them.