November 20, 2008

For this mediumship class, I did a reading on my teacher. This was hard as she had given me some news that I didn’t want to hear, so it was hard to shift gears and let go.

When Marilyn comes, we usually spend some time catching up on things. sdhe tells me what she has been up to, and I tell her what has been going on in my life. And then she usually tells me some insight she has been given from beyond.

This time, I told her that a friend had told me that I would lose my job by the end of the year. She told me that this was true and I would be hopping mad. I would be struggling to find something to replace it with, possibly closing the shop 2-3 days a week to work the other job. This bothers me because if I close the shop some days, I probably won’t make expenses. Needless to say, I was not happy.

So going from there to doing a reading was just not where my head was. I really just wanted to give up and say screw it all. But she kept pushing me, and I finally made contact with her mother.

Now one of the key things to any treading is to come out with enough information to verify that one is truly talking with this particular person one says they are. This is the difference between the British style of mediumship and any other. It is a matter of giving enough verifiable information to prove what you are saying is true.

I started with a description as I could see her quite clearly. I saw a house and a yard, a little girl with a flowered dress on. Next I was given a name, Tim, and I was about to say Tim or Tom when Marilyn said that her brother’s name is Tom.

Next I described two girls and came up with names. They were her nieces.

This went on for a while. I has passed on several things that turned out to be phrases that her mother used all the time. Her mother even had words for me… Get off your ass and get moving. Nice.

All in all, I had passed on a lot of information, and I think Marilyn was sold. But at the end after her mother made the comment about my getting off my ass, I sent back “Thanks Mom.” At that moment, I was her stick out her tongue and I started laughing. When I passed this on the Marilyn, her eyes went wide and she told me “That was it!” I looked at her confused. She explained that her mother used to stick her tongue out all the time. That one piece of information was the fact that told her that I truly was talking to her mother. Wow.