October 8, 2008

I was talking to a friend online tonight that I had not talked with in a while. He was lost and needed direction.

As we talked, things came out. He felt that he was going around in circles. He had lost his direction. Well the first thing I asked was what his goal was. He needed to focus to get his energy skills up to where they need to be for the battle that will be coming along in a few years. In talking, we saw a few intermediate goals. One was getting into shape physically. I told him now that he had a goal, he had a direction.

By taking the first part, getting into shape, we defined the first step. He needed to start working out. I knew that when he started that, other things would come. By working out, with his blood pumping, his mind would open, and more options would come forth, better defining his path. I think the key was to get him moving. Once moving, he would be guided. Taking that first step is always the hardest. Once he took the first step, others would come. Sometimes it takes baby steps.

He told me that he had visited his mother’s grave the other night. He said that he felt he saw her. I was about to say “I’m sure you did” when something hit me. He had seen her, without a doubt. So, I passed that along.

Suddenly, I was in contact with his mom. I told him that I felt she died when he was about 12, then I got corrected and said 13. He confirmed that he was 13 when she passed. Suddenly, I’m doing mediumship and passing on messages and answering questions.

After his mom left, and I was getting ready to sign off when he brought up another topic that brought another answer. He wanted to be more open for spirit information. One of the things I thought he needed was more mediumship lessons. He said his sister could help him with that, and wanted to know if he should bring his girlfriend. I centered a =second and asked if her name stared with a ‘J’. yes, it was Jody. After a couple questions to him (because I was not getting a definitive from the spirit world) I finally felt that she should go along.

I have not done stuff lie, this in a while, and told him so. He told me that tonight I was ‘spot on’. After a few more questions and answers (supplied form the other side), I bid him good night.

I know iu have said most of what I told him before, but something pointed me to telling him what I did. I remember doing this exercise in mediumship class a couple of years ago where we had to talk for 10 minutes on a subject given to us on the spot. On that occasion, I just kept getting pointed to what to say. I wasn’t repeating words given to me, but I was being pushed in directions. When I would go blank, I would be pushed toward something else. It was the same way tonight. Most of what was said to him came from the other side.

This is the second or third person that I have helped in this manner in a very few number of days. Ahh, yes, come to Brian when you need your spiritual kick in the ass.