October 10, 2008

I have to get this down before I forget it. I just came from the most spectacular healing session I have had in a long time. There were three of us there from the physical plane, and many others from another.

My client was the sister of one of my Reiki students (and client). My student had purchased a gift certificate for a Reiki session as she felt her sister needed it. They both arrived shortly after I opened. After filling out the paperwork, we went into the back room where I scanned my client, telling her all her problems areas. (Yes, she was surprised.) I explained about Reiki and energy since my student had not done much of that. She couldn’t seem to come up with the words figuring that experience was best.

I started by removing blockages in the chakras. When I got the emotional chakra, she started crying. Something touched her and released that emotion. Although we both told her to cry, she made herself stop. I hadn’t realized this at the time, but the sisters had lost their mother recently. When I thought about it, I felt it had been less than a year, then I amended that to less than five months, possibly three (which as it turned out was correct).

As I started doing the Reiki portion of the session, I felt a presence in the room with us. I could not get a handle on whether it was their mother or grandmother. I felt it was more grandmother. I was getting some images. Felt her letter ‘E’. I asked if their mother’s name started with that. They told me that her middle name did, but not her first. In fact, they had found this locket recently with the letter ‘E’ on it. they think it may have been the grandmother’s. I saw a locket, heart-shaped. I was told by my student that it was oval. My client mentioned finding a heart shaped locket recently that had been her mother’s. Okay, so now I’m getting crossed signals.

I left myself open to ‘things’ and continued. There were places that I felt she needed to cry, but I felt she was stopping herself. The amount of energy she was pulling was quite a lot. I had her focus on a blank wall in her mind to keep her from thinking too much.

As I came back up to the midsection, I felt a need to do these chakras normally, but then do something different. When that point came, I told her that if she felt uncomfortable, to let me know. I placed one hand over her emotional chakra (under her shirt so there would be skin on skin contact). I did the same over her heart. When I did this, the energy level increased by a factor of 100. Then I took the hand over her heart and moved it to the top of her head. While there, I felt her mother had joined us. I saw the mother place her hands on my client’s heart. I passed on messages. When I felt the need to move again, I asked her sister to come over and do Reiki at the top of her head. I went back to my client’s heart.

Suddenly, I was aware of many presences in the room. I know I have had clients say they have felt multiple presences before, but this is the first time I have seen them. I saw one place their hands over her feet, and another on her knees. Her mother went to her forehead (her third eye). Another set of hands covered the remaining chakras, and then the energy flowed. I was very aware of a pair of hands on my back passing me energy which I passed on to my client. It was like the room suddenly got lighter.

I don’t think I’ve felt this much energy in a long, long time. What was happening in that room was spectacular. The whole while this was going on, I kept getting pointed to things to talk about. I told her that she was going on a journey, from where she was to where she needed to be. She needed to climb out of the hole she was in. More things kept coming, and I kept passing them on.

Eventually, her mom passed on a final message, and then left. The other spirits left as well, and I ended the session. Wow.

It was a spectacular session. I hope I can be this open for most sessions. It was wonderful.