April 23, 2009

Some of the comments of clients have really surprised me lately.

The comment the other day about my client getting the most awesome massage she had ever had was really a surprise. But one other was even better...

Initially before the Lomi class, I had asked a couple people if they would be interested in being a victim for me. It seemed like a good idea as I got practice, and they got a massage. One of my ‘victims’ was also a Reiki student, and heard me talk about this style in the Reiki class. She was definitely willing to be worked on.

Yet when we were talking before the session, she asked if she needed to be completely undressed. I told her she has to because the movements flow the length of the body. I asked if she was comfortable with it, and she told me yes. (She later told me that she had only had massage by female therapists before. While she knew me, she was still a little nervous.) I asked her if she was comfortable with her breasts uncovered (something I had made clear long before she showed up for the session). She told me she would decide when she turned face up.

I was working the massage with my eyes closed most of the time, as I commonly do. (When I first learned the Lomi, I closed my eyes to force me the feel the movements and not be led astray by my eyes. I still close my eyes a lot when I do massage as it lets me feel and also opens me to guidance. Although after the Lomi classes I keep my eyes open most of the time, initially I did not.) My ‘victim’ was enjoying the session and did finally ‘let go’ to the point that she was not following every move. She liked the differences kin the full body massage that one does not get with other styles.

When I had her turn over, she told me to leave her breasts uncovered, which meant covering her at the groin only. I again worked with my eyes closed working up one leg and under the back. Then when I moved to the other leg, I opened my eyes and found I had uncovered my client. I put the drape back where it belonged and apologized. (Accidents happen. They may not happen often, but they do. All one can do is correct the situation and apologize.)

What she told me just floored me. She said that she had not noticed that the drape had slipped and that the only thing she was aware of was “being touched by someone that loves me.” Wow. And I am hearing more comments like this as time goes on.

Now, I have talked about purity of intent and attitude for along time. I used to really push it when I taught at night. I would tell them that every person that gets on the table is a body that needs help. It does not matter what shape or sex they are. They get treated the same and with the same care. It doesn’t matter whether they are covered or uncovered. They all get the same respect and care.

This has been my attitude since day one. And I guess it has been right. It’s just that now I am hearing comments that tell me I am right where I want to be. It does not matter to me if a client is draped or not because the only thing going through my mind is to help that person. There are no thoughts of sex. It’s called the perfect attitude. It’s just that now the clients are starting to tell me that I have been doing it right... and it’s good to hear.

My client the other day told me that she comes to me because she feels I care, and that is important to her. It is important to me too.

Wow. It’s good to get this type of feedback.