February 6, 2009

The universe is talking to me again. The problem is that I haven’t been listening. So, it has forced my hand… again.

I have been coming off a cold that my wife was gracious enough to share with me. Now, in what I do, if I am contagious, I can’t work on anyone because I will pass on whatever I have. I feel I am past that point, yet I have been controlling what might go out from me with my shields. I have them set so that no disease or illness can pass out.

But at any rate... I keep thinking that I should do Reiki on myself as it will help me get over what I have sooner. The problem is that I never get around to it. Well, today the universe decided to help. I ended up doing three Reiki sessions. This helps me because while passing Reiki energy through me, it helps me as well.

So, another situation where the universe is kicking me in the butt to get me to do what I should be doing.