February 20, 2009

I had a phone call today from the editor of H Magazine, a publication of the Florida Times-Union. The conversation was interesting.

Apparently, Lisa Oz is coming to town to give a talk. Not knowing who Lisa is, I had to look her up on the internet. She is a Reiki Master and holistic practitioner. She is an actress and author of several books including “You: The Owner’s Manual”. She is also married to Dr. Mehmet Oz, and yes, if you know the name, it is THAT Dr. Oz from Oprah. 

Now, not knowing him either, I did a little more research and was reminded of a book I was given a few years ago called “Hands of Life” which was written by Julie Motz. Julie is a psychic intuitive and healer. The book talked about her securing grant money form some university to work with doctors in the operating room. One of the doctors that she worked with was Dr. Oz. 

During the surgeries she attended, she felt various energies and emotions coming from the unconscious patient. Some of the surgeries were organ replacements. As she felt the patient’s inner concern, she would whisper things to them, telling them to let go of this old organ and accept the new one. Later she went on to do counseling with people prior to surgeries to help them accept what was going to be done. Part of this was done through meditation. 

So Lisa’s holistic view of things has affected some of the things in how her husband practices. Very cool.

At any rate, going back to the story... The editor asked some questions on Reiki which I answered in my best layman’s terminology. We talked for a little bit. She told me her boss thought it would be a good idea, since Lisa does not have a practice, to show a local Reiki practitioner working on someone. They felt this would show that it is something that is practiced and available in the area. Hmmm, free advertising? Of course your photographer can come out.

I know it won’t be more than a single picture and a caption. I’m just hoping that they give the company name by itself or with mine. Wouldn’t do too much good if they just gave my name. 

And now the funniest thing is how she found me. Someone she works with (and it may even be her boss) told her to “Call Brian. He’s really good.” She gave me the name, but it is not one on my client roster. 

So for the second time this week, I have people calling me based on someone I don’t know giving a reference. Well, businesses like mine are supposed to get most of their work by word of mouth. It is very neat that it is happening.