January 25, 2009

How my students found me yesterday was interesting. I should be used to hearing stories like this, but they still fascinate me.

One of the ladies had contacted me about a year ago. We talked for a bit, but although she was interested, she never did get here for a class.

Meanwhile, the other had been living in California about six years ago. She had purchased William Rand’s book on Reiki, but never got around to reading it. after moving to Jacksonville, she pulled the book out and went through it. After reading it, she went out to the web and did a search for Reiki in Jacksonville. She went through a couple of sites before she got to mine. But when she did, something said that this was the place for her to go.

At that point, she called her friend and said she wanted to take Reiki and had found a place in town. When her friend heard where it was, she immediately said yes.

And yet another roundabout path leads two Reiki students to my door. Cool.