November 17, 2009

With all the different things I have been doing lately, I have noticed that I am letting spirit in more.

It seems that I have been the advice / help go-to guy as of late. This is true whether it is friends asking or clients that need help. Now, I don’t have a problem with this, but lately, I have noticed where the information I am telling them is coming from, and it isn’t from me.

In a couple of mediumship courses, I have done inspired speaking. In each case, I was given a word that I had to talk for so many minutes on with no preparation. The first time I did it, my word was journey, and as soon as I heard it, I heard “life is a journey”. This got me started speaking. When I ran out of steam, I would see or hear something else that would keep me going.

I have been doing this a lot when giving advice or working with clients. I will be listening to the problems someone has and then I will be pointed in a direction to talk about. This information I pass on is coming from spirit. I know that. I also know that I am opening up and expecting them to be there to kibitz if they want to. I listen to someone talk, and tell me about their problem, and then I listen for the answer. I like the way that works.

Something I thought was funny was the time just recently when a friend of mine was asked to give a speech at a corporate college graduation. She spent a few days trying to come up with something. She had a subject that she wanted to talk about, but could not get it started. I listened and suggested ideas, and approaches, but nothing worked for her. Finally, I remembered (or should I say was reminded) that she had been in one of the mediumship classes where we did inspired speaking. I reminded her of that, and told her to open herself to spirit and ask for help. I told her to let the spirits help her in writing.

Well, she accepted this, but did not do it. For two days, she fought tooth and nail, but got nowhere. Finally, she did what I suggested, and let help come from spirit. She wrote a tremendous speech. She told this graduating class to go forth, to strive for what they want. But most importantly to not be afraid to fail. She told them to accept their failures, learn from them, and strive forward again. It was not where her original topic was taking her, but it worked much better.

So, I am learning too. I let spirit in when it need to help me help others, even to write entries like this. This is why it is called inspired.