November 19, 2009

I did another unwinding today that went in another direction.

My client has been having a lot of problems lately, and many of them stem from her childhood, and some of these problems are from things that she can't remember. Although unwinding is a process, she said that it was what she needed.

Well, she started standing, but soon was rolling around on the floor. She rolled into a ball and then a fetal position. During the process, she was talking, more to me, yet to herself. She told a lot of what was going on and where some things were stemming from, more so than she ever had before. (She told me later that she had told me things that she had never told any psychiatrist she had been seeing.) I kept making mental notes on things that I could use to help her during the next time I took her through a meditation.

She kept talking, and talking about letting people walk all over her. I was shown a path to take her, even though it would take her out of the unwinding, so I started pushing her in that direction. I started shoving her. I was telling her to get angry. She was afraid to. She was afraid to unleash this beast that when loose could really hurt someone. I was willing to risk it.

The problem is that she did not want to strike out even though she needed to, at least in spirit. I kept at her. If she struck out, even at me, she would let go. I felt I could handle it, and then channel it somewhere positive. She told me she did not want to get angry at me as I was the only one that has helped her.

She finally did strike out a small bit, and then started crying like crazy. At this point, I held her while it flowed through her. When she was done, she had released a huge amount, and although rattled, was feeling a lot better.

I felt she needed a Past Experiences meditation, but needed to put some time between what she had just been through and that, so we scheduled her to come in tomorrow. I figure I can do the standard Past Experiences (going back to things that happened in the past and stripping emotion from them), and then I was going to take some of what she told me and let spirit point me where to take her to work on it.

Wow. This was quite a session. I am starting to really think about using that title of Life Coach.