September 19, 2009

This incident yesterday reminded me of a client that had come in a month or so ago.

I had gotten a call from a lady that was in town from Texas. She was hurting and needed a massage. We scheduled a 4:30 session, and I cancelled what I was going to do immediately after as I would not be getting done in time to do it.

She came in. She filled out the forms. We went into the back room, and I scanned her and started to go over the information with her.

At some point, she asked if I was the only one there. Uhh, yes. She told me she wasn’t comfortable being alone with a male. Excuse me? Being male is not something I can change.

I could have told her that I am a professional licensed by the state of Florida, and work within proper guidelines. I could have told her that she would be missing out on a good massage. Instead I told her that she could go up the street to my competition where it is all female staff. She told me she preferred a male. Huh? She preferred a male, but was not comfortable being alone in the office with one? Give me a fraggin’ break.

I called up the street and told them I was sending someone up to them, and let her go. There was no point pleading my case. If she was uncomfortable with the situation, then best to let her go. It just irks me because I changed my plans based on working on her to have her be ‘not comfortable’.

What can I say, I get all the good ones.