December 23, 2010

There are times when I feel I might be looking at losing my mind as I get older. I mean, I seem to be getting confused a lot lately. With not having a lot of technical stuff going on, I am not concentrating on things and following progressions. Most of what I do is just follow guidance. That’s why this one comes across very strange.

Three days ago, I went to the UPS store to send a package to our nephew in Ohio. For some reason, I got confused on who to send it to, and sent it to our niece (his sister) instead. Now, they only live 12 miles apart, but it is nasty weather there now. Now, we have a package for our niece, but since they will be here in a couple of days, we decided not to ship it.

I got a call from my wife letting me know that our niece was saying how they opened the package and found things for her brother and his wife instead. She wasn’t very happy about my screwing up the addresses.

A few hours later we found out that our nephew’s mother-in-law was not doing well and they had set out for Indiana early that morning. Now, if I had sent the package to the right address, it would have been left on the porch with no one to pick it up for several days with a huge snow storm moving in. Sending it to the wrong address meant that it got delivered to someone that can get it to our nephew when he gets back in town. Go figure.

Now, sometimes, I simply get confused. But I feel that this time, someone else had a hand in directing the delivery route.