December 31, 2010

I was in St. Augustine today just relaxing. My wife and I parked the car in the parking garage, and we walked to the old town area near the fort. As we approached what had been the original city gates, we passed a cemetery.

Now, St. Augustine is the oldest city in North America, founded by the Spanish some 300 years ago. One of the things it is famous for is its ghost tours. There are several tours in the evenings, some walking, some on trains. One of the ghost hunter programs spent a good deal of time at the fort several years ago. One expects there to be spirits there.

Now, seeing all the signs, made me kind of look as we passed the cemetery. I felt like I saw someone there. It was a female in a long dress. Now, it wasn’t crisp and clear as someone would be standing there. It was like seeing a faded image. I was actually wondering if I was imagining it. Or if I was seeing it (or imagining it) just because I saw all the signs.

Part of me wanted to stop, and part of me didn’t. I told my wife that there were things in the cemetery. She asked if I was scared, and I told her no, that I just didn’t feel like conversing. I kept feeling like one of them was following me, but I told her that I really couldn’t talk right then.

Now, was I afraid of the spirits? No. But I guess I was afraid. I was afraid that if I went back and tried to converse, I wouldn’t be able to. So I didn’t. Part of what my issue is, is that I don’t have enough confidence in myself. This is why I don’t offer to do mediumship unless someone really pushes me too.

I guess I need to keep trying, as I will only get better at it. I know. Try not. Do. Or do not. I guess I’ll have to be doing more.