January 24, 2010

I just came off an extraordinary mediumship seminar taught by Eamonn Downey, one of the instructors from the Arthur Findley school in England. It was a lot about what he taught, yet more importantly it was about how he taught it.

One of Eamonn’s biggest things was to control and work in the energies. Everything is energy. It takes energy to pass over to the other side. Working with spirit is working with energies to bridge the gap to the other side. Spirit works with energies to be able to reach to us on our side. Eamonn said that his goal was not to make us great mediums, but to make us masters of energy. If we could manage the energies, the rest would follow.

Masters of energy? Ding ding ding ding ding ding. We have a winner. Uhhh. Wow. This is just the perfect approach considering what I do.

We started out by introducing us to a technique to dim the thoughts in our minds and quiet our bodies. We each looked into our minds. Eamonn talked about how we could hear all the noise in there and see all the things that were being processed. My first impression was of standing at one edge and going “Hello” and hearing “hello... hello” echoing off somewhere. But then I saw what was truly there.

I managed to locate the “dimmer switch” and turn it down so the noise and light abated. Then I did that through the rest of my body. I have tried to do things like this before, but been unsuccessful. This seemed to work wonders (of course doing things like this in groups always works better).

He then had us move into the light that we saw and see all the silver things sprinkling down. This was where we needed to be to talk to spirit.

The exercise he had us do later was to break into groups of four and do readings. Two of us would go into this state and one would read for one of the others and then the other of us. I pulled through one of the ladies grandfather. I started off with an image of a man in a chair by a light reading a book and smoking. I had the age he died, and cause of death. I got most of the information correct and passed on a message.

The next day, we started off with a different exercise. Eamonn read a list of names. We were to feel which one resonated with each of us. In a couple cases one name resonated with two or three people. Maybe one of those people got the person that the name represented (as they were all someone Eamonn had known) and the others got someone else. With the one name I resonated with, I was the only one that felt that name worked with them. I saw this young girl and this car crash. But it was not the one Eamonn was looking for.

The idea of the exercise was the show another technique and see who it worked for. Obviously it did not work for me.

Next we did group readings. Four people were chosen to be in front of the group. A group ‘leader’ would tune into a spirit and start talking. Eventually we would all be asked to add to the information. When I was up front, the ‘leader’ tuned into someone. Then the next person started talking. Then I added information. (Eamonn said that this lady liked me and was almost flirting with me.)

There were two people in the group remaining that felt that this person could be for them. Two of the people felt that it was for the one in front of us while two felt it was for the person to our right. I was very adamant that it was the person in front of us, and it was.

It was an intriguing concept to share a reading with three other people. But it worked very well.

The final exercise of the seminar broke the group into pairs to do readings on each other. One of the issues is that I am a person that is hard to read. My grandmother on my father’s side died when I was 5 and my grandfather when I was 13. I never knew my other grandparents. My mother has passed as has a friend and a teacher. So my ability to recognize someone coming through is limited. The person I was partnered with was the same way.

She read me first, but I could not place who this person was. When it was my turn to read her, I nailed it.

I saw an image of a lady that turned out to be a friend of the person I was paired with. I kept seeing her showing me her earrings, big earrings. But as it turned out, there was nothing special about the earrings, but that this person liked jewelry. At one point, I had to stop my partner from talking. I needed to give her the information, not be led to it.

This friend I had connected with was the one that would be the rabble rouser, the one pushing to go do things. She would be the one pushing people to live and have fun, which also ended up being the message to my partner. Cool.

It was a very educational experience and I hope to be able to use this soon.